Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag Kit: Reviews, Videos and Instructions

Forensic science kit for girls.Every fashionable spy needs her own gear and gadgets. And if your child is a Project mc2 fan, she’s going to love the Project Mc2 ultimate spy bag set.

This is a pretty pink bag in disguise. And it’s one that many spy kids would need to have in their arsenal if they want to do a good job with their spying job!

Get To Know About the Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag: Video Unboxing

What exactly is this spy kit and what’s inside it?

This is what the bag looks like. Isn’t it lovely? No one would think that inside this tiny bag are gadgets for a spy in training.

This bag changes into a spy gadget.

Open the bag! To open it, just press both sides of the heart locket and then pull down.

And these are the contents inside it!

The pink bag contains all these different spy gadgets.

It looks a lot more like a cupboard with drawers in them! Each little spy gadget fits in its own slot which is a good thing so that when your child is carrying it around, it doesn’t move around. And well, a spy needs to be very organized too, right? When it’s like this, she’s going to know exactly where things are when she need some thing for her spying jobs.

So if you didn’t know better, you’d open the bag and think it’s just a fancy looking bag with test tubes, lipstick and face powder! Right?

Wrong. Because these are the very things that a spy needs to get her mission done.

So what are these things? Let’s see..

That lipstick… it’s a secret message launcher.

That face powder… It is a powder! But it’s also part of a fingerprinting kit! and a magnifying glass!


Here’s a video by Ambi C showing the different features of the bag.

Project Mc2 Spy Kit

Here’s a list of all the things that’s included in this Project Mc2 spy kit:

  • dusting powder which doubles as a shimmer powder
  • Perfume “bottle” that is used as a blower for finger printing activity
  • Adrienne Attom’s top secret spy guide
  • Finger print testing paper
  • 2 test tubes
  • 2 beakers
  • nail polish (which is really a torch)
  • makeup compact with a powder puff, mirror and magnifying glass
  • lipstick (which is really a  message launcher)
  • the bag also has some little drawers for other things a spy might need in her job

What Do Kids Learn From This Toy

There are a few experiments kids can do with this spy kit. In the process, they don’t only have fun but learn a few things too.

  • With the fingerprint kit, they learn more about forensic science. They learn how investigators use use scientific methods to investigate crime and analyse evidence.
  • The beakers and test tubes are also great things to have in the house to further do Chemistry and biology experiments.  You may need to provide the materials for these experiments though as they do not come with the set.

Project Mc2 Reviews On Youtube

Do you want to know more about this science kit and see what kids think about them? Here are a few reviews on Youtube to help you decide whether it’s worth buying it or not.


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