The Beauty Of The Outside

Call me the lazy parent. But I think that one of the best arsenal a parent can have is a backyard, a garden or the park. I think it’s the one thing that stopped me from going crazy when my kids were tiny.

It’s always easy to take them outside (or shoo them outside to play when they got bigger). They’re bound to do something they’re happy about even without your constant supervision. Plus, you never ever feel guilty when they’re outside because you’re sure they’re getting the exercise they need, the sun vitamin their body requires and all the fun children should have.

What This Site Is All About

This site is all about the stuff that both parents and kids can do together.

This is the place to find ideas about making good memories with the family.

We give you tips  on how to make the best of your kids time while playing outside in the garden, mucking about in the backyard or crafting inside during the rainy days.

Your Part

Well, we hope you enjoy this site and get some fun ideas for your kids and your whole family. If you have other activities that are not covered here, we are more than happy to hear about them.

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We hope to hear from you soon.