Buying The Yamaha ef2000is Generator

Some people say it’s not camping when you have life’s little comforts. I used to believe this too. But when you’ve had a taste of “comfortable” camping, you will not want anything else.

Start by buying the Yamaha ef2000is generator and you will never look back. When you have the electrical comforts in your tent, a new camping experience opens for you. You will not settle for anything less.

This is our story about buying the Yamaha generator.

Why We Decided To Buy The Yamaha ef2000is Portable Generator

It was my husband’s idea. I’ve always had this romantic idea of camping you see, and having a generator in a campsite does not correlate with that idea. Besides, I remember the generator my father used to have in the farm and I’m still traumatized by the unbelievably loud noise that used to wake us up early in the morning.

So a generator in a campsite? Big no no.

Anyway, my husband eventually convinced me to check the Yamaha ef2000is in our local shop and I could not believe what I hearrd – I heard nothing!

Seriously, this generator is so quiet you can carry a normal conversation even when it’s on. This was a big thing for me and the quietness of this generator made a big difference in my view about generators. I told my husband that if the generator we buy is as quiet as the Yamaha ef2000is generator, then I might just want to have one.

What We Use This Inverter Generator For

At first, we only needed this for lights. I knew it was a bit of an overkill buying a 2000 watt generator just for lights, but my husband said that once we experienced the comforts of having a generator while camping, we would be taking more stuff that would need some electrical power on our next camping trip. And he was right.

We now use the Yamaha ef2000is to power the following gadgets:

  • As mentioned we use this for the lights.
  • We also use this generator for the crockpot which we use most days during a camping trip.

  • The Yamaha ef2000is also gets used a lot in the morning. We usually don’t run the appliances at the same time. We start with the kettle and then we use either the toaster or the double burner separately.

What You Can Use The Yamaha ef2000is Generator

As you can see, we don’t use a lot of electrical appliances (yet) during our camping trip. I know that some people use a lot more.

This is a 2000watt generator, so in most people’s worlds, this is more than enough for a camping holiday :-) . But if your family tends to use more than that at any given time, then you can always go for something with more wattage like the Yamaha EF3000iSE which has 3000 watts or buy the Yamaha 2000is combo package.

Note: When deciding to buy a generator, make sure that you do a power audit of all the appliances that you plan use.

My Husband’s Yamaha ef2000is Generator Review

As I said above, my husband was the one who chose this particular generator. I only had to be convinced that we needed it, so he’s the one who knows the specifics of this generator. This is what he has to say (not verbatim but this is the gist!)

I wanted to buy something cheap, but my research showed that when it comes to generators, cheap usually means that the generator will be

  • very noisy
  • will not last for a long time
  • cannot efficiently power a sensitive device

So I started looking at the Yamaha and the Honda generators which are supposed to be very quiet. After a lot of online research, the Yamaha ef200is sounded like the one we need – and of course, when we saw it in the flesh at the shop, I was wholly convinced it’s the one for us.

After having this generator for the past couple of years, I still love it, I sometimes wish we had two! I really like showing it off to other people in the campsite.

Many other campers have commented on how quiet it is and have even said that they’re going to buy one for their next camping trip, too! Yamaha should be giving me commissions as I’m basically a walking advertisement for the Yamaha ef200is generator.

This is also considerably light. Well, 49 pounds is not THAT light, but it can be realistically transported from your car to where your tent is. So I am extremely happy with it it.

Buy Yamaha ef2000is For Sale And The Best Price

If you want to buy the Yamaha ef2000is on sale, there’s no other better place to buy it than at Amazon. We could not see any place cheaper than Amazon really. The shipping’s free too, so that comes very handy. Even the Yamaha ef2000is combo package kits come out more expensive – just buy two at Amazon and you can even save a bit of money.

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