Best Wooden Swing Sets On Sale

Prices can greatly vary with wooden swing sets on sale. Here’s an all-in-one resource that helps you find the best wooden swing set for sale in the market right now. Find one that fits your budget.

Wooden Swing Set Kits

We’ve made an article on wooden swing set kits which should be of great help to you. Make sure you read it and find out exactly what you need to do to build these swing kits in your backyard. We also recommend the best kits that you can buy on that article.

Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Chateau Swing set

Like many gorilla Playsets, {affiliate link} this is a durable swing set that’s easy to install and has lots of features for kids to enjoy. It’s a great wooden swing set for smallish yards too. It has a 19L x 18W x 11H feet dimensions and requires a 25 x 21 foot zone. The features include:

  • tongue in groove wood roof
  • Safety step ladder
  • Rock-climb wall with knotted rope
  • 2 swings and trapeze bar with rings
  • wing beam
  • Iron ductile swing hangers
  • play deck
  • raming
  • Climbing rope ladder
  • 10-ft. green wave slide
  • Telescope
  • Built-in picnic table
  • Built-in sandbox

Swing-n-slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Swing Set

This is a very popular swing set for small backyards. It’s got lots of features and is good value for money. It’s assembled dimensions is 15 Ft. W x 17 Ft. L x 11 Ft. H and the required space is 26.5’ x 28.5’.

The set includes:

  • pre-cut premium stained lumber and poly-coated 4″x4″x8’s for structural stability and lower maintenance
  • Rapid-Loc Bracket System
  • fully-illustrated plans
  • Climbing wall with 8 climbing rocks
  • Wave slide
  • 2 Heavy-duty swing seats and swing hangers
  • Monkey bars and End ladder
  • Ring/Trapeze combo
  • canopy
  • Picnic bench and more.
  • Read reviews and more features

Playtime Classic Swing Set

At 87″ H x 94-107″ W x 117-127″ D , {affiliate link} this classic swing set can fit right in a small backyard. It has 2 sling wings and a ring trapeze. You can choose from the following style:

  • swing beam and chained accessories
  • swing beam and roped accessories
  • top ladder and chained accessories
  • top ladder and roped accessories

Winchester Wood Complete Swing Set

Here’s another swing set from Swing-n-slide for small backyards {affiliate link}. This measures 9 Ft. W x 13 Ft. L x 10 Ft. H. It requires a 30’ x 29’ x 10′ space. It has a lot of unique features like the glider and the playhouse with cabin.

  • three large decks totaling 32 sq. ft.
  • all pre-cut premium stained lumber
  • Rapid-Loc Bracket System
  • Wave slide
  • 2 Swing seats
  • 2 Glider
  • Climbing wall with 8 climbing rocks
  • Steering wheel
  • Picnic Table with awning
  • Rung step ladder
  • Safety handles
  • Wood Roof
  • Playhouse with cabin window and shutters

What do you think of these wooden swing sets on sale? Can you recommend something else? Feel free to write your comments below.

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