Toys For Boys Who Like To Build Things

toys for boys who like to build things and take things apartYour Boy Likes Building? Here Are Some Toys For Boys Who Like To Build and Take Things Apart

I have one at home so I’m always on the lookout for toys for boys who like to build things. I know because I have one who can spend hours in his “garage” building the next coolest thing in the “whole wide world”.

Frankly, it’s not always easy to find a toy that really fills the need of the creativity that oozes out of a “maker”. I find that many toys are often restrictive and that it’s best to just let him play with his imagination and give him what he thinks he needs to build the coolest thing everrrrrrrr!!!

This is however, not often practical. This is why even though a hammer, wood, some nails may help him exercise his capacity for building things, toys for boys who like to build can be very handy to have.

Anyway, listed below are some of these toys that might interest your budding inventor.

Meccano Building toys
A taste of the real deal

toys for boys who like to buildMy son got given a very basic Meccano building set for 5 year olds when he was about 3. He was too young for it really and I turned out to be the one who built the toy.

But something very wonderful happened when he saw the screws and bolts of the Meccano. They looked exactly like the ones that Daddy uses — real screws!

Oh those tiny little fingers, they could hardly hold those tiny screws.

I’m not saying the same thing will happen to your son so I suggest you buy a Meccano set that fits his age. They can be tricky to make and younger kids will need your help — the parts look very close like the real thing though which makes this one of the best building toys in my list.

Smart Lab Weird And Wacky Contraption Lab

 smart-labHere’s another building toy that allows kids to mix and match and build things.

There are no specific set of instructions, so your child can test and see how it all works. This has won a lot of awards including Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award, 2012 Mom’s Choice Award, and 2012 Parents’ Choice “Recommended” Award for its unique educational approach and versatility.

DIY Forts And Dens
For boys who like to build things and take things apart

No doubt going outside in the forest and gathering twigs and branches is a fun thing to do for future builders.

ez-fortHowever, at times when this isn’t possible, the many DIY forts for kids are a great alternative.

I like the EZ fort (shown on the right)  the best. It is comprised of spheres and tubes that your son can build into any kind of den he likes. It can be a teepee, a fort or a house.

Easy to build, fun to play with and even more fun to take apart. My son built a bedouin tent in his room and he slept there for a whole month in the summer. :-)

Popular Playthings Playstix

playstixThis is a new take on an old toy. They’re like the classic log toys where children can build various different structures just by using the lots.

The logs are color coded which makes building easier and a lot more fun. Many children spend lots of hours building something new with these toys.

Magna-Tiles Toys For Boys Who Love Building
A bestselling building toy has very high customer review ratings

Get amazed with what your son can build with the magna-tiles. This is one of the coolest building toys out there that kids as young as 3 can play with.

magna tiles for boys who like to build stuffIt’s also one of those toys that are bound to grow with your child as well (you’ll find that the rest of the family would love to play with it too!)

The magna-tiles sets are different sizes of triangles which are magnetic and attracts on all sides. Children can build many different things with these and can exercise their imagination very well.

A very educational building toy that children love to play with for hours on end.

Robot Kits
For the boy who loves to build, these are invaluable

Robots are always great building toys specially for older kids.

The look in their eyes is priceless the first time they build one and the robot actually does something. There are various Robot DIY kits nowadays, so it won’t be a problem finding one at all.

I suggest you buy one that your child is already interested in. For example, when my son was fascinated by the whole idea of solar power (he’s a superhero you see and he gets his power from the sun), we got him a kit for building a solar-powerd car.

Lego Mindstorm

Need I say More?

I can’t really make this list without Lego. Many of us grew up building lots of different things with lego and it is only right that Lego is included in the list of toys for boys who like to build.

lego mindstorm for bigger boys who buildI am quite sure that since you have a builder in the house, you probably already have a lot of different Lego pieces lying around, right?

So anyway, allow me to mention the Lego Mindstorms for the keen Lego builder. It doesn’t come cheap but it’s Lego like you’ve never seen it. This is perfect for older boys (and I bet the father will be more than keen to join in as well!).

The Lego Mindstorms NXT, the newest version, has a microprocessor and once built, it becomes a robot.

If your son alreayd has one, or you’re looking for a present for later this year, there is an all new Lego Mindstorms that is scheduled to be released in the fall.

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