Throwing An Outdoor Birthday Party At The Park

It’s going to be my son’s birthday soon. Last year, we held it in the house, but I fancy throwing an outdoor birthday party this year.  I’ve been looking for many different ways to do this and I’ve finally decided to do it at a nearby park with some sort of “carnival-party” theme.

I don’t want to spend so much on this party.  I find that as long as kids have fun (with some very simple games, mind

Birthday party at the Park
PHoto Credit: Zabmo

you), the party is always a success. You don’t have to be so lavish about it. Some food, some sweets and some very fun games and you know that it’s going to be a party your son will remember.

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The Games:

  • Ball Toss
  • Bottle Toss using a Ring
  • A Dart Board
  • A mud run (not too sure how to set this up yet)
  • booth for picture taking with various costumes available
  • water balloon fight
  • I also plan to take some of the more popular lawn games like bocce, lawn golf, badminton, stomper rocket


I find food to be extremely easy. It so happens that kids in my neighborhood don’t like party food that much. Seriously. It’s a world phenomenon :-) . I’ve tried to make something “exotic” before but for some reason the kids didn’t gravitate towards them (does this show anything about my culinary skills I wonder?)

So this year, I’m sticking to the following finger food:

1) sandwiches

2) fruit/veg pack: with grapes, carrots, melon (whatever is in season)

3) homemade popcorn (lots and lots of them) :-)

4) crisps

5) juice (no soda)

6) dinosaur chocolate cake — every year, ever since my first child turned 1, I’ve made dinosaur cakes. This has now become a birthday tradition.


Since we’re throwing an outdoor birthday party at the park, this should be easy. There’ll be lots of balloons hanged on to a gazebo.

I also plan to have pictures of my son from when he was a baby and make it like a bunting. I may have to bring in some curtains (????) too as a backdrop for the photography corner.

Last but not least, we will need to prepare hundreds of water balloons. Since my son’s birthday is in the summer when it’s extremely hot where we are, we have always made it a point to do this. It’s always been fun for the kids. We do it towards the end, just before they go home and I find that it’s a good way to end the party when everyone’s just happy as they play and throw this water balloons.

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