Teaching Your Kids To Swim

I’ve never been a good swimmer. Learning to swim just wasn’t part of our family culture. It wasn’t when I was in college that I went to a swimming class and properly learned to swim. I never did get to be as good as I wanted to be and like many adults, I still have a fear of water and going out of my depth.

But this I didn’t want for my son. So very early on, we got him to swimming. We didn’t take him to an infant swimming class, but we did make sure that he was comfortable with water. I found that the most important thing about teaching kids to swim is to make them comfortable with water. The kids who have that healthy relationship with it seem to learn how to swim and enjoy the water very early on.

Here are some tips on learning kids to swim:

  1. Kourtney Eidam from Parents Magazine talks about safety issues on kids swimming. It starts with how to introduce your child to water and what to do when they’re about 6 and now swimming without any sleeping aids
  2. Once your child starts swimming and getting comfortable with water, it’s to move to more advanced swimming skills. I found this really useful. It would have been better if there were pictures with it too.
  3. And just for “fun”, check out this baby survival guide. This became viral a couple years back. How amazing is this baby, huh?
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