The Best Playhouse Kits For Kids

My sisters and I have spent many hours hiding under/inside our playhouse made of sticks with a blanket hung over it. It was our little den which was everything we wanted it to be – a fortress from the monsters or a den to share stories with.

This is why when I think of playhouse kits for kids, this is what I have in mind. I know that outside playhouses these days have become very ostentatious like the ones I wrote about on this post. But I think that for many of us, all we’re looking for for our children are playhouse kits for kids where they can spend lots of happy memories in – and that doesn’t necessarily mean a $10,000 playhouse.

For this reason, I’m featuring here the best playhouse kits for kids as well as other inexpensive playhouses for outdoor use.

My Absolute Favorite Playhouse Kit For Kids

Tobeez 57 Piece Playhouse Kit

Oh the many possibilities that come with the Toobeez Playhouse kit {affiliate link}. This isn’t your ordinary playhouse that you build and forget – it’s a playhouse that children can have fun building and rebuilding and making a house of it if they want to.

This can be built both inside or outside and children (with adult supervision for young ones) can build whatever they want out of this kit from a teepee, a playhouse, a fort, or anything else their imagination takes them.

Cardboard Playhouse Kits For Kids

The idea of a build and fold playhouse appeals to me a lot {affiliate link}. Many young kids interest usually jump from one thing to another and a playhouse that you can easily fold and unfold is a good idea. Many of these cardboard playhouses can also be customized by the kids which is a way for them to make these playhouses their very own.

Plastic Playhouses

A plastic playhouse is not on top of my list of favorite playhouses but they are very popular. I can understand why. They’re usually easy to set up, are durable enough to last a childhood and are also reasonably priced.

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