5 Unique Outside Playhouses For Kids

There was a time when a den made of sticks was enough to keep us kids busy outside the whole day. Nowadays, the world outside has to compete with ipads and kinects that getting them outside can be quite a problem.

In comes the makers of luxury playhouses and out go the children in the backyard supposedly happily leaving their electronic gadgets inside the house. Luxurious Backyard playhouses for kids have definitely become a statement in many affluent neighborhoods.

I’ve just recently done a search on childrens playhouses and there are some pretty cool ones out there. Granted these houses cost an arm and a leg, but that doesn’t change the fact that if I were a little girl right now and my parents could afford these luxuries, I would go crazy for them.

So anyway, here are 5 playhouses for kids that I love.

outside playhouse

This is the Daniel Woodland Scallywog Sloop Tree Playhouse. This first on the list because I can just imagine my little boy playing on this one no end. This isn’t just his very own den, this just lends itself to a lot of adventure. The pirate”house” is going to fuel any child’s creativity plus the incorporation of slides and other playground accessories are a nice touch that mixes with the theme suprisingly well.

This can be yours for the very cheap price of $29,999!!!

raised octagonal playhouse

The Playhouse Company makes some of the coolest playhouse kits for kids. Based in the UK, they have castle playhouses, English cottages and more. They have some reasonably cheap outside playhouses which are just as good. Of the many houses in their catalog, this raised octagonal playhouse caught my eye.


Doesn’t this one just catch your eye? I think it looks pretty cool. This is  available at Rainbow Play UK . and while you’re there, look at all the other playhouse and playsets they have on the site.


Made by a company in Barcelona, this is without a doubt the most unique spin to childrens playhouses.. Many of the playhouses for sale right now tend to bend more towards the more traditional, maybe funky houses. But this company is the only one I know that gives playhouses a modern twist. I’d like to make this my office.. Look at all those lights coming in!


The company Kids Crooked Houses became known all throughout the USA when they made not one but 4 playhouses for Kate and Jon gosselin’s show. Now, they seem to be all over Hollywoodland and their business has grown much bigger than ever. They do have some pretty playful playhouses and the one below is my favorite.. Who can’t love a green house in the backyard

As you probably expect, these houses come at a price. Prices range from $3000 up to $75,000.

If you’re looking for cheap playhouses though for us mere mortals, don’t you worry, I’ll write another article soon on more affordable and cheap playhouses that our children will no doubt have just as much fun in.

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