Outdoor Toys For Kids That Get them Outside

I remember when I was little, my parents never had a problem with us going outside. This was pre – all-day television days and the first thing we wanted to do as soon as we finished breakfast was to get our outdoor toys ready and play the whole day (or at least until lunchtime!).

Nowadays, it’s a completely different picture. Life in the outdoors now competes with technology, away from the fresh air and the sun.

This is the reason why many parents now make a very conscious effort to get their kids out. With more and more studies showing the benefits of outside play for kids, many parents have to conjure different ways and means to get the kids outside like the luxurious outside playhouses that I mentioned in another article.

If you’re looking for some ideas for outdoor play, here are some outdoor toys for kids that should make a nice addition to your backyard.

Wooden Swing Sets

Many outdoor swing sets for residential use now come in all shapes, sizes and make. I prefer the wooden swing sets as they look less garish and most of these wooden structures easily blend well in any backyard. Many of these swing sets also include added features that kids would love to play in. I am biased towards the monkey bars and the rockwall. But there are also others that include slides, towers, and sandboxes among others.


Kids love climbers. They’re a bit heart stopping to some parents (and you obviously need to have safe precautionary measures set up), but kids could spend lots of time on it. One of the popular ones are the dome climbers.

They encourage children to play and it is a means for them to do some exercise as well.


Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set


This looks extremely simple but you’ll be surprised just how much kids get excited with this one. They could spend hours on this. It offers a lot of possibilities for kids play while improving their coordination and muscle strength. They’re more suitable for older kids so you may have to buy something else if you’ve got little ones as well.

EZ Fort Building Kit

Kids love their own spaces. Be it outside playhouses, their own nook in the house or a little tent in the garden. Give them the EZ Fort Building kit and they’ll be more than happy to play with it. They can make any kind of structure with it so they’ll feel like they’ve made their own little house – which always makes them happy.

outdoor fort building kit

Ride On Toys

Ride on toys like Power wheels Dune racer I reviewed on another post are so popular among kids that there’s a ride on toy for any age. I have to say that this is one of my son’s favorite toy. Starting from the age of two until 4, he had this one red tractor that he would always go back to play with. It’s been many different things to him – a tractor, grandpa’s car, or one of the Octonauts Gups. So I vote for ride on toys in the backyard.

The ride on toy you buy depends on the age of your child. I suggest buying something that is of interest to whatever age he/she is so that the toy will be of use for a long time. I have to say though that Power wheels Barbie Jammin jeep was a big hit in my sister’s house when she bought it for her daughter. I think it’s very age-specific, but my! What a piece of machine.


Scooters have now become very popular from toddlers to fathers. Every child should have one. Really gets them moving around town.


It’s a rite of passage to every child in the world. The first bike a child gets is always a momentous one. Take the time to take him out every day on the bike so he’ll develop a love for it.

For other ideas on outdoor toys, why not check out these kids outside toys for the garden and have a look at out kids bounce houses for sale section.

Any ideas for outside toys for kids? What toy gets your children outside anytime? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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