Kids Outside Toys For The Garden

With my kids, I have found that just leaving them out to play in the garden by themselves is enough to get them all busy. You provide them with the basic soil, mud, logs and creatures and you can be assured that they’ll find something to do.

kids outside toys for the garden
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However, there are days when a good ‘ole toy that your provide (especially for the little ones) is a good thing to have in handy. Here are some kids outside toys that are sure to offer loads of exciting activities too.

Waterslide – Children getting hot in the summer? Waterslides are excellent for cooling themselves down and for hours of fun too. Remember that many of these slides need a big space.

Butterfly Garden kit – My children and I had a lot of fun with this one (except for that time when the littlest one started shaking one of the cocoons to wake it up!). It’s a very useful lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly and of course, it’s always amazing when you first see the chrysallis turn into a butterfly. Even my husband and I were charmed by the whole thing. If you’re not into butterflies, there are other kits of the same ilk such as ladybugs, stick insects, ants and praying mantis.

Frisbee – An old favorite but always fun. Every house should have one.

Boomerang – Got this as a present for the husband last year and the kids wanted it just as much as he did. You will need a big space for this. Get to the park or open field and play it there. Obviously good for older kids as it needs some skill to get the boomerang to go back to you.

Jump Rocket – This is a staple everytime we go outside in the garden or even out for a picnic. Great for preschoolers, also a great way for kids to learn about physics!

Ring Toss – This is a fun toy that kids of all ages and adults can play at the same time. We bought this when my first child was only 2.5 and that didn’t really interest him a lot yet! But now at 4, he would do anything to win this game.

Pogo Stick/walking stilts – For bigger kids, pogo sticks and walking stilts are so much fun. Learning how to get on it is always a challenge but once they’re on it, they can spend lots of time outside playing with one of these. You can even invite their friends over for a Pogo stick or stilts walking race!

Bocce Set – Here’s another outdoor toy for older kids. Bocce has become rather popular in many backyards in recent years. It’s very addicting and relaxing at the same time. I see many children of different ages playing with this.

Bubble Makers – From infants to toddlers, bubble makers are always a treat. Babies usually have fun just watching all the bubbles while toddlers run around trying to pop as many bubbles as they can.

Traditional outdoor sports – Whatever sport your child is interested in, there’s bound to be a toy that you can get to get him. I’m thinking of outside basketball hoops, soccer sets, volleball sets and even golf sets.

Ride on toys
– Ride on toys will appeal to children of both sexes but I think that boys cling on to these toys so much more than girls do (and hey! Full grown adult men still do, don’t they?). I can’t think of any other toy that has interested my son as long as his ride on tractor has. We bought him a very simple ride on toy, but if you have the space for it, you can easily splash on these things. You can get the Power Wheels Barbie Jammin jeep or Peg Pereggo John Deere tractor!

Bouncy Castles and Other Inflatable Toys – This can be costly. Kids bounce houses for sale right now cost at least $250. But bouncy castles are quite handy to have in a big backyard. We’ve only rented one for a party and the children had so much fun the whole afternoon they didn’t want to do anything else. Great way to lose all that energy too.

Blongo Ball – Expect all the fun with a Blongo ball. This has just become very popular in the past couple of years and if you want some serious playing fun with the whole family, then buy the Blongo ball game set. This incorporates different lawn sports. Easy to learn but not so easy to win.

Swing Set – You can always go to the park for a swing set or a play set, I know but having them right in your own garden is a great help for entertaining the kids. The swings are good for the really little ones. For older kids, I prefer climbing frames or monkey bars, wherein I’m sure that they are doing some physical exercise while playing as well. Have a look at these dome climber for kids.

Fort Building Kit – Any kid, whatever the age loves having his or her own little space in the garden. These fort building kits make it so much easier to build forts or den. The older kids can even make one themselves.

Can you think of any other kids outside toys for the garden? Please use the comment section below to tell us about it.

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