How to Build A Swing Set Resource

If you want to build a swing set for your children, here’s an all-in-one resource of everything you need to make one

1) Decide what kind of swing set you want to build. You can build just the basic swings but your kids will probably find it more fun if there are other features as well. Some features to consider are

  • slide
  • tunnel slide
  • monkey bars
  • rock wall
  • sandpit
  • baby swing
  • telescope
  • picnic table
  • tire swing

2) Get a good book on making swing sets. I recommend Backyards for Kids by Shebak Kashef {affiliate link}. This book basically gives you different ideas on how to make your backyard fun for the kids and includes not only ideas for making swings but also playhouses and tree forts. Now if you’re looking for a good solid swing building plans, get the book Backyard Play Areas You Can Make: Complete Plans and Instructions for Building Playhouses, Forts, and Swing Sets by Paul Gerhard {affiliate link}.

3) The book above should be a good start to your swing-building project especially when you want to start from scratch. But before you do that, I recommend having a look at wooden swing set kitsfor sale. These swing sets on sale usually come pre-cut and have some of the accessories and hardware you need to build a swing at home.

This is a far easier way to build these swings and if you want to save time and energy, buy one of these kits. These kits can cost from $80 (for a basic kit without lumber) to $2500 for the elaborate ones with tunnel slides, swings, monkey bars and more.

Books On How To Build A Swing Set

Manufacturers of Ready-To-build Swing Set Kits

Build A Playset Videos

Here are some videos of do-it-yourselfers building playsets at home. Get some ideas and listen to some of the tips these people have to say.


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