7 Favorite Games To Play With Kids Outside

A lot of recent research have shown that taking the time to play with kids outside is highly beneficial for children (and for parents too, if I may add). I have to admit that there are times I need to be pulled out of the computer to actually take the time to play with the kids, but whenever we start playing and having fun, I know that stopping my work has been all worth it.

games kids play

I’ve had some very good memories of playing with my children. Here are some of my favorite games to play with kids outside the house. These are all easy to do and you don’t even need one of those expensive kids bounce houses for sale to make it all fun.

1) Anything To Do With Balls – balls – different kinds of balls should be staples in any house with children. Be it playing football, catching, rolling, bouncing, or shooting, balls are always fun to play with.

2) Treasure hunt – Who doesn’t want to go treasure hunting? Anyone from 2 year olds to 10 year olds love looking for treasures. Make sure you vary the difficulty depending on age. For example, with the really little ones, use arrows/paper footprints to direct them to the treasure. Four year olds could follow numbers and the 10 year olds could have a proper treasure hunt out in the woods! (with you to accompany them of course!). We did this once during a camping holiday and it was so much fun. The kids couldn’t stop talking about it.

3) Water Games – This is always great with kids at whatever age. Give the toddlers a little basin and some toys and have fun splashing about with them. And of course, the older kids would just welcome a game of water squirting with you – just be prepared, they will not stop until you’re soaking wet!

4) Denmaking – I have pleasant memories of denmaking in the garden and in the woods with the kids. We know that they love their own little space and I know that sometimes they do want to make a den of their own by themselves, but at times when your help is welcome, then they will be more than happy to include you in their own little world. This is a game we enjoyed when we were kids and one children still love these days even with all the many electronic gadgets and power wheels that they have nowadays.

5) Parlor Games – There are a lot of parlor games that children can really get involved in especially when there are lots of other kids around. Our family’s favorite includes sack race, egg relay and the three-legged race. Such fun even the little ones enjoy it.

6) What Time Is It Mr Fox – A good game to play with the younger kids.

7) Role Playing – I find that young children and grade schoolers love this a lot. Don’t worry if you’re not used to this. They’ll tell you exactly who you are supposed to be and what you need to do or say.


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