Halloween Costumes For Family of 3 With A Baby, Toddler or Preschooler: Cute And Funny Ideas

Costumes for family of 3 with a baby or toddler. Check out these cute ideas from cops and robbers to game of thrones inspired themes!

I’ve been thinking of some unique matching family costumes. What themes do you think lead the way to a funny and adorable Halloween costumes for family of 3 with a baby, toddler or a preschool child?

I went on a little mission and searched the internet for some inspiration and here I am to share it with you.

I hope you see something that interests you on this page.

If you end-up dressing up as one of these, do send me a pic so I can post it here!

Cute and Funny Costumes for Family of 3

Alice In Wonderland

With so many characters, Alice in Wonderland holds many costume possibilities. Your little one could dress up in a Little Hatter, Alice or a cute Cheshire cat. The Queen of Hearts or a Caterpillar are some good costumes too.

Theme Costume Ideas

Ideas for a family costume for 3 with the theme Alice in Wonderland. Each one can be one character or have matching costumes like Cheshire Cats.

Superheroes Family Costumes For Family of 3

There are so many family costume themes that you can do if you decide to go with a superhero theme. Are you going as the Avengers? The Justice League? Batman and Robin? Joker and his crew? Just Batman?  Another good things about it is that if you have a child who’s already old enough to be watching these movies, he can also appreciate the costume as well.

Here are some popular superhero-themed Halloween costumes for a family of three.


Pick your hero or heroine when choosing an Avengers family costume. Captain America? Black Widow? Iron Man? Hulk? Thor? Loki? Dr. Strange and so many more. You’re never short of costumes if this is the theme you’re going for.

Avengers costume for family of 3. Whether you want a matching one or not, the Avengers is a good choice for a group outfit.

Justice League

Another superhero theme for the family with so many characters to choose from. There’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern. Or you can dress as one of the villains whose costumes are just as colorful like Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn or Lex Luthor.

On the same vein, you can go for the Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman get up

Beauty and The Beast

The baby costumes for both Belle and the Beast are so adorable that it’s easy to want to do this family costume for the Halloween. That yellow baby dress is so cute. And if you have a boy, there’s the beast prince costume or chip.

Father: Lumiere, Mother: teapot, Baby: Belle or the beast (try the Disney belle costume)

Mythical creatures

Have you seen a baby unicorn costume? You can’t help but go  “aawww” and then say “awww” some more. It’s one of the cutest baby costumes I’ve seen.

As a family, you can all go as unicorns. Alternatively, you could go for a Mythical creatures theme: unicorn, fairy, mermaids, and a centaur are some of the costumes you can dress as.

Peter Pan

Everyone loves Peter Pan and Never Never Land, so why not go together as a Peter Pan family. Your baby may not know about Peter Pan and his adventures yet, but he would sure look very cute in a Peter Pan costume. Characters you can dress up as include Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Wendy or one of the pirates.

Video Tutorial: Make a Child’s Peter Pan Costume

Baby Octopus + Chef

This is funny. And there are many ways that parents have gone about using this Baby Octopus theme. The key here is of course to dress your child as an Octopus (or any other food possibility like a lobster, shrimp, pig, Nemo or even a turkey! If you don’t want the chef costume, you can also dress as fork and spoon.

Little Red Riding Hood

The unexpected costume is to dress your baby as the wolf! He’s more cute than scary, of course, but it’s a nice twist to the Little Red Riding Hood family costume. Characters to choose from include Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, GrandMa and the Hunter

Dinosaur Costume

Oh the many cute dinosaur costumes for babies that you can find. You will never be short of costume ideas if you pick this one.  Choose from T-rexes, triceratops and more. For your baby, there are dinosaur buntings, onesies, pajamas and even cute knitted dinosaur hats. And here’s a fun one that Daddy and Mommy can dress up as — inflatable dinosaur costumes! Now, that one can really turn heads!

Jurassic World

While we’re on the subject of dinosaurs, you might also want to go with the Jurassic Park theme. Baby can be any dinosaur and parents as Ellie, Alan or John Hammond.


If you have a baby girl, she can wear a Cinderella costume. and from looking at many other costumes Mom can be Fairy Godmother and Dad, the Duke. However, Mom can also be either the stepmother Lady Tremaine or stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella and Dad can  be the Duke’s herald

Despicable Me

Your baby can be a little Minion (of course!) and Dad and Mom can be Dru and

Moana Costume

A Moana costume is one of the popular costumes this year. And the good thing is that there are a lot different costumes available for this one. Characters you can find costumes for are Moana, Te Fiti and Maui.

Groot Baby Costume Or The Guardians of The Galaxy Family Theme

Baby Groot is the focus in this costume because just look at that costume! How cute is Baby Groot? I’m not sure how easy this costume is to find though as it does seem like a popular one this year.

Parents can dress up as Starlord, Gamora, Mantix, Drax or the Fox.

Lion, Tiger and Other Wild Animals

All these wild animals are the cutest when it’s your little baby dress as one. A baby lion? baby tiger? baby elephant? Babies dressed in one of these are just too cute!

To go as a family this Halloween, some themes you can do are the animal tamer or circus group, safari tourists, or hunter costumes.

Shark and Lifeguard Family Costume

Here’s another funny one. Baby can be the shark. And one of the parents can either be the victim or the lifeguard. Oh my! look at all the blood on the victim and the super cute shark!

Shark Attack Costume for family of 3 with baby as the shark. What a cute shark!

Star Wars Halloween Costume

For any Star Wars loving couple, it’s a dream come true to dress in this theme with your newborn baby. Some families have done some very artistic take on this. So many characters to choose from. There’s Princess Leia, Ewok, Luke Skywalker, any Jedi, Obi Wan Kanobi, Yoda. You can even have an inflatable VB-8 costume.


The 1950’s style. What’s not to like? Mom and baby girl can go as Sandy or the Pink ladies and Dad or baby boy can go as Danny in T-bird jacket

Harry Potter

A wizarding family for Halloween? Why not? Both parents can dress up as wizards and baby can be in one of those Snuggle this Muggle rompers. I really love the onesies and shirts with Harry Potter sayings on it, so you might want to have a look at that too.


A baby Pikachu! All yellow and fluffy and adorable. Parents can be Ash Ketchum, another Pokemon like Squirtle, Charizard or Evie. Or you can also go as James and Jessie! Nice!

A Family Of Chickens

A family of matching white or yellow chicken costumes you can do. You can even take this further by doing the chicken in a coop costume with parents as the farmers. Baby can be snug in his “coop” (stroller or as you can see in the picture in a Radio Flyer wagon)

Stick Man family

Want to go as a glow in the dark stick man family? This is really cool and something that you can easily do yourself. All you need are black leggings and sweatshirt and some glow in the dark necklace or luminiscent or reflective tape. You’ll just have to be extra careful with your baby’s costume though if she/he is at that stage when he likes to pull and shove everything in his mouth! (you wouldn’t want the glow in the dark necklace ending there)


Dragon Family Costume

I saw the cutest Game Of Thrones inspired costume recently. It’s no. 1 in the picture below. Isn’t that cute? Obviously, we need Daddy in this pic. So let’s put in another Game of Thrones character. Like Jon Snow. I know I know. It’s incestuous. If you’re not comfortable with the idea, any Knight’s Watch costume should do or even Khal Drogo, right?

Theme Suggestions:

Dragon family costume inspiration. Put these together for a family of 3.

 Bank And Robbers Costumes

This is an easy one to DIY. You can all be robbers (striped shirts or orange onesie) or go to the funny route by dressing your baby as a bag of money with the parents dressed as robbers.

Robbers costumes for a family of 3. Both ideas are quire funny

Addams Family

This is a classic and is always a big hit for a family costumes for family of 3. Will you dress up as Uncle Fester, Lurch, Gomez, Wednesday, Morticia or Pugsley? Take your pick.

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