Fun Activities For Kids Outside

Here are some fun activities for kids outside your house.

Sandpit – Every garden needs to have a sandpit. Children can play for hours in one as many parents can attest. There are now many very elaborate sandpits that you can buy for kids from two-person sandpits to sandpits which also come with a water “pit”. However, I find that kids are just as happy when all you have is a big basin with sand on it. You may have to find some special sand for sandpits for this though.


Gardening – Gardening is definitely up on the list of my wonderful childhood memories. I doubt I was gardening properly at all but playing with the soil, having my own garden spade and getting to do what my mother was doing made the whole gardening experience very special.. Pick the fruit of my “labor” was also a very worthwhile experience. Some plants that you can use for this purpose are carrots, dwarf strawberries, or cherry tomatoes.

– I know that the safety of trampolines is still under debate among many people. I have yet to do an extensive research on the exact dangers of trampolines but from experience I know that it’s one thing that kids can play many hours in. It’s also a great energy “waster” which is always good especially for energetic kids. Make sure you are aware of all safety precautions when installing a trampoline in your backyard.

Just mucking about – This I personally think is what my children love to do best and is especially great when you’ve got a big lawn. We don’t have one but my in-laws do and the children, no matter what their age, have always love this. Basically, you don’t have to give them any toys. You just get them to explore the place which kids are extremely good at. You’ll eventually find them making their own dens, watching a bug, climbing up a tree, digging for worms or just lying down on the green grass to watch the clouds sail by. It’s always heartwarming to see my chidlren do this as it reminds me of my own childhood.

Climbing Frames And Playsets – If you have the space for it, climbing frames and playsets are great to have. When you have more than one child, these are even more useful toys in the backyard. My favorite are the climbing frames that actually get them to exercise like the Kettler Trimmstation Swing set. These frames and playsets can be quite pricey, so prepare to spend shell out a little bit of money for them. You can of course make them yourself and probably save some money in the process.

Swimming Pools – Pools are amazing for whatever age. Ever since my kids were little, we spent loads of time outside just playing about in a pool. An inflatable pool for kids will usually suffice, but if you have bigger kids (as well as adults who like pools!), then consider buying an above ground swimming pool. Remember to always consider the safety of your kids when you have a swimming pool, no matter how shallow the water is.

Water Fountain, Water Hoses, Sprinklers, Spray Bottles – I used to spend loads of time playing with a water hose in our backyard. The dog would be out there with me and he would go crazy as he tries to catch the water spewing out of the hose. This is however, not so, environmentally-conscious, so I suggest using a water fountain, sprinklers or even spray bottles.

Water Slides – If you have a pool, then a water slide is going to offer loads of fun for everybody. If you haven’t there are many inflatable waterslides that you can put on the lawn for the children to play in. These slides are loads of fun and a great summer toy.

Mud Play – This can be a bit dirty but oh so loads of fun. If your children are tired of sandpits, then make them their own mud pit in the garden and you’ll be surprised just how all that dirt can spike their imagination. Not for parents with the faint of heart. :-)

Playhouse/Treehouse – There are many fancy playhouses that you can buy now. You can even customize them to fit your child’s interest. However, you don’t always have to spend so much money for this. If you’re handy, just a little house in the backyard will keep many children happy. Even a big box with cut out holes for windows and doors is good.

Fort/Den/Castle – Like a playhouse, forts, dens and castles appeals to kids because it gives them their very own space. Don’t be surprised to see “Keep Out” or “Parents Are Not Allowed” signs. Branches, twigs and sticks formed into a teepee is an excellent den idea or you can buy one of those kits like the EZ fort building kit.

Muddy Puddles – Thanks to Peppa Pig and her team of snorting pigs, my toddler is now a big fun of muddle-puddle jumping. Right after the rain (or even while it is raining), let the kids out in the garden in their boots (or barefoot, if you dare).

Hammocks/Garden chair – For a child who likes to stay outdoors, a hammock is ideal to have. If you can’t put one up, then give him/her own garden chair.

Birdfeeding – If you live near a place where there are lots of birds, then get your kids busy with a birdfeeder project. There are birdfeeders that you can buy now but I think that for kids, one that they made themselves is a lot more fun.

Getting to know bugs, worms and insects – Insects and bugs often interest a lot of kids. When my boy was about 3 years old, insects were his thing and he could spend hours outside digging for worms, looking for ladybugs and looking into his creature peeper any time he has a reason to do so. The thing with these insects is that there’s always an experiment waiting to be made or a life lesson waiting to be told.

Jumping on piles of leaves – an activity that’s specially great when autumn comes. Before you get your leaf blower to work, get your kids to play in the piles of leaves first. Loads of fun.

Backyard camping – I love love camping in the backyard. It’s like real camping without all the hassles. Need to go to the toilet? Run to the house? Need some more food? The fridge is all ready (or mom is always there to cook you something). Elaborate 1-2 day backyard campings are always good but even a day camp or an overnight one (my son loves this) is also a good idea.

Do you have any other ideas for fun activities for kids outside? Please do share. Use the comments section below or send me a note.

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