Extra Large Storage Sheds

The bigger the shed you have, the more elaborate they seem to be as well. Now you no longer just have to think about shelves or no shelves, but you have to start thinking about lofts, porches, floor panels and the like.

Alternatively, you can check out our handpicked selection below. This selection is grouped according to the kind of shed:

Large Vertical Storage Shed

Step 2’s Lifescape High Boy has always been quite popular and highly rated. It’s a large vertical storage shed at 72 inches high. Unlike other vertical sheds which is exposed to the elements, this shed has a raised floor which prevents the equipment from getting wet.

Everything about the design of this vertical shed is very well thought of. It’s made quite tall for the usual outdoor items like rakes and has a double door for very easy access.

Made in the USA. Good value for money.

Check out the reviews to see what customers say about it.

Step2 LifeScapes Highboy Plastic Tool Shed

Step2 LifeScapes Highboy Plastic Tool Shed

Large Mower Storage Shed

For putting away your lawn mower, you might want to read our other selection of the best storage sheds for lawn mowers.

However, if the ones we have listed there are not to your liking, then the one below may just be of some interest to you.

So let’s see. The garden shed below is 96″ high and has a width of 92.75 inches (about 8 x 7.5 feet) . The depth from front to back is 115″.

For many lawn mower owners, this should be more than enough space for storage. This plastic construction from Lifetime  is very durably made with steel reinforcement and double wall.

Premium Plastic Garden Shed

Premium Plastic Garden Shed

Large Storage Shed With Porch

Solid Wood Garden Shed

This large storage shed with porch looks almost like a real house. Made of Spruce solid pine wood, this shed can be easily painted to match your houses’ color or outdoor design. It’s a cozy little storage area.

The windows on the two double doors gives it enough light in the day.

Dimensions: 93″ H x 117″ W x 98″ D

Door Size: 70″ H x 50″ W

Douglas Solid Wood Garden Shed

Douglas Solid Wood Garden Shed

More Choices

There are a few extra large garden sheds with an attached porch. Some of them can also double as a playhouse or a greenhouse even. Here are two more of the ones that have caught my attention:

Victorian Playhouse with Front Porch and Railing

Now here is one dainty playhouse. This is so obviously made as a child’s play area, but it can be used as a storage area too – especially when you’re storing outdoor kids toys.

Extra Large Wooden Storage Sheds

If you want to make a statement, this Penthouse with French doors is the way to say it. This well built extra large wooden storage shed is made of cedar and has a total footprint of 111″ H x 55.5″ W x 78.5″ D.

It’s a unique looking shed that can store many of your outdoor equipment. This is also made by Outdoor Living Today which is one of the best manufacturers of wood garden sheds. They’re always well-designed, use good quality materials, durable and are just plain beautiful.

Penthouse with French Doors and Two Functional Windows with Screens

Penthouse with French Doors

Special Mention

If you want light in your large shed building, then have a look at this Sunshed Wood Garden Shed. It has over four functional windows, six fixed windows and a Dutch door. Look at all the lights that your backyard shed could have.

You could even make it a home office if you want.

All the light possibility also makes this your little greenhouse. It’s pretty big at 144″ W x 144″ D. Has an option of buying ramps and shelves.

Sunshed Wood Garden Shed

Sunshed Wood Garden Shed

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