Things To Consider When Buying A Bike For A Toddler or Preschooler

My son got his first bike with training wheels during his 4th birthday. It was understandably a little bit later than other kids in the neighborhood, but he loved his scooter so much he wasn’t interested in a bike for a toddler before that year.

toddler bike
Toddler Bike for Boys

It was our first time to buy a child’s bike and as much as we were on the lookout for the cheapest one, we realized that there were a lot more things to consider than that.

The Height

You don’t need to worry about height if you’re buying from your local store and you have your child with you. We bought the bike online and this was immediately the first thing we had to decide on. We couldn’t depend just on the recommended age for the bike.

When you’re in this very same dilemma, find out what is the recommended leg measurement for the bike and then see if it works for your child.

Here’s how to measurement leg length.

  1. Without any shoes on, get your child to stand against a wall. Mark this height with a line.
  2. Next, get him to sit down with his back against that very same wall. Mark that heigh again.
  3. Measure the distance between the standing height and the sitting height. That’s the leg measurment you need.

Does It Work Well On The Surface You Plan To Use It On?

You will have to read a lot of reviews to find out more about this bike featur. If the bike is going to be used only on tarmac/concrete roads, most bikes for toddlers should do. When we bought ours, we knew that apart from using it on roads, we would be taking the bike a lot in the countryside – so we needed something that could travel well on grass and gravel.

Assembly Time

Many of the toddler bikes you buy online will need to be assembled by you. We’re not very good at that, so we needed something that was quite easy to put together. If the one you like really does take time, then make sure you set enough time to put it together rather than doing it at the last minute or the night before the birthday surprise is due, like we did!


This is a minor consideration but I know that some children will get more excited when the bike comes in a “theme” or color that they like. It’s so much easier to take the bike out when we can all pretend it’s Barbie or Lightning Mcqueen. Gets them in the mood to go out riding with their favorite character. Plus, if the bicycle is going to be a surprise, this design/color consideration is going to be the first thing he/she is going to notice. — and that look of utter happiness from a preschooler is always a gem.


Remember that if this is your child’s first bike, he/she is going to outgrow it. He’ll be moving on for a bigger bike in a couple of years or so. So don’t splurge too much on it. As long as it’s sturdy enough, it’s safe and it runs perfectly well, then you are getting a good buy.

So how about you? What things did you have to consider when you bought the first bike for your toddler?

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