The Best Wooden Swing Set Kits

One easy way to make a playspace for your kids is by getting  wooden swing set kits. These kits usually contain all the necessary hardware you need to build your own backyard “playground”. Most of the time, the wood necessary to build these structures are sold separately. You can either buy them from the same company or from the local lumberyard.

Here are the bestselling wooden swing set kits for sale.

Swing-n-slide Custom Ready-to-Build Wooden Swing Set Kits

Swing-n-slide offers some of the most affordable wooden swing set kits in the market right now. A very basic kit costs about $100 while more elaborate ones costs about $1000. What’s included on each kit depends on which one’s you’re buying.

For example, the most basic Swing-n-Slide Pioneer Customer Ready-to-build wooden swing set kit includes

  • 2 swing seats
  • iron man rings
  • 3 swing hangers
  • 6 eZ frame brackets

On the other hand, the more elaborate wooden swing set kit such as the Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready-to-Assemble Swing set kitincludes

  • 2 play decks
  • pre-cut lumber
  • poly-coated uprights
  • bracket system

As you can see from just two of the examples above, there is a wide range of choices when buying wooden swing set kits. You need to carefully assess what you can afford, what your backyard can accommodate and what building-skills you have to decide which of these kits to buy.

Here’s something very important to know when buying these kits from Swing-n-slide. Some of the cheaper kits like the first one on the example above DO NOT come with the lumber. You need to buy this separately – the instructions manual is pretty thorough and gives you very clear instructions on how big the lumber need to be and how to cut them properly as well.

DIY Wooden Swing Sets – How do they work

Building your own wooden swing set can be at first daunting. It doesn’t have to be. The instructions that come with many of the kits that you can buy from trusted swing set manufacturers are so detailed that building the whole thing is a breeze.

These kits usually say that you can finish the whole project in a day. Realistically, with one person doing the job, I’d say give yourself a weekend or about 24 hours. It won’t be easy with the kids raring to give it a go, of course.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to have a look at all the wooden swing set kits for sale (there are pics of my favorite ones at the end of this article). Know exactly what comes with the kit as each design/product can greatly vary
  2. If the kit you ordered doesn’t come with wood, then as soon as the kit arrives, find out what you need and order them from your local lumberyard
  3. Some of these kits do not come with nails or screws. So go to your local hardware shop and get them. When it comes to nails/screws, order 2x more than what is in the instruction manual as you will most likely need it.
  4. When the wood arrives, cut them per the instruction on the manual. If you buy a wooden swing kit from Swing-n-slide, the wood-cutting instructions are so clear that you will not have any problems with it at all
  5. Once you have all the material necessary, build the swing set away.

Note: Although there have been instances of only one person building this swing set, I recommended getting an assistant or two.

Also, these wooden swing kits that do not come with lumber will eventually cost you about $500 if you include the wood and nails expense. This does not include other add-on expenses like a slide.

Tools You Need To Build These Wooden Swing Set Kits

  • tape measure
  • cordless drill
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Straight head screw driver
  • power miter box for quicker wood cutting
  • preferably a nail gun

Top Rated Wooden Swing Kits

Check out one of these top rated wooden swing set kits. Find one that fits your budget.

No Lumber Included

  • Swing- N-Slide Pioneer Custom Ready – To – Build Swing Set Kit: $79 – $120
  • Swing- N-Slide Scout Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit : $95 – $139
  • Swing-n-slide wrangler combo kit: $147 – $169

With Lumber Included

  • Swing-n-slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready – To Assemble Swing Set Kit . $1100 – $1400 (very popular)
  • Southampton Wood Complete Ready-to-Assemble Swing Set Kit : $1700 – $2400
  • Swing-n-Slide Charlotte Wood Complete Play Set with Free Outrigger Swing: $1220 – $1440 (wayfair)
  • Swing Town Phoenix Swing Set (best value for money) – $%599 -$700
  • Swing Town Sequoia Swing Set (highly rated) – $1199 – $$1700

Where To Buy Wooden Swing Set Kits

The following sites usually have the best price online:

  • –
  • Wayfair
  • Sears

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