Best Storage Sheds Under $1000 Dollars

Many sheds can cost an arm and a leg. But there are a lot of storage sheds under $1000 dollars as well.

In fact, storage shed prices can greatly vary depending on the material and the size of the shed. It’s not often easy to find a wooden shed for less than $1000, but there are a few plastic, steel, and vinyl sheds at this price.

These sheds are durable, can stand all types of weather conditions, and are often very easy to maintain.

Here ae 11 of the best storage sheds we’ve found for your budget.

Name/ManufacturerDimensionsCoverage AreaFeaturesStorage CapacityMore Information
Palram Skylight 6 x 8

Palram Skylight 6 ft wide with doors closed. Highly rated.
7' 1'' H x 6' 1'' W x 7' 7'' D46.14 square feetPlastic polycarbonate with impact
resistant flooring;
beige/ dark chocolate color
255 Cubic FeetCustomer Reviews + Info
Suncast Cascade 7.3 x 3.9
Suncast 7.3 x 3.9 with doors closed. Great for small backyards and gardens.
8' 6 1/2'' H x 7' 4 1/2'' W x 3' 11 3/32'' D171 cubic feetPolypropolene;
impact-resistant flooring; gray/ivory color
171 Cubic FeetCustomer Reviews + Info
Keter Factor 8 x 6
8 x 6 Keter Factor Storage Shed with one window nd 2 open push doors.
7' 11 1/2'' H x 8' 5'' W x 5' 11 1/2'' D7' 11 1/2'' H x 8' 5'' W x 5' 11 1/2'' DPolypropylene Resin;
impact resistant flooring;
1 shed - 2 shelves
Taupe/BrownCustomer Reviews + Info
Sunny Cascade
Suncast Cascade 7 ft wide. with open doors. Fits a lawn mower, ladder and other outdoor tools.
8' 6 1/2'' H x 7' 4 1/4'' W x 7' 3'' D53.32 square feetplastic polypropylene with impact
resistant flooring;
gray ivory color
322 Cubic FeetCustomer Reviews + Info
Arrow Milford
Arrow Milford plastic storage shed with doors open. Big backyard shed.
7' 3/4'' H x 10' W x 8' D80 square feetgalvanized steel construction:
tall door height and indoor space;
double door sliding door
467 cubic feetCustomer Reviews + Info
Lifetime 7 x 4 60057
Lifetime 7x4 storage shed with doors open- Fits a lawn mower and other backyard tools
7' 5 3/4'' H x 7' W x 4' 5'' D30.92 square feetHigh-density polyethylene and steel;
desert tan and dark brown
184.8 Cubic FeetCustomer Reviews + Info
Lifetime 8 x 5 6406
Lifetime 8 x 5. One window 2 doors which are closed. Great for big backyards.
8' H x 8' W x 5' D40 square feetHigh-density polyethylene and steel;
desert tan and dark brown
232.7 Cubic FeetCustomer Reviews + Info
Arrow Oakbrook
Arrow Metal Shed: 10 x 14 ft - A storage shed with a big capacity. Very reasonably priced
10 ft. w , 14 ft D129.34 square feetmade of electro galvanized steel ;
double door sliding door; floor not included
769 cubic feetCustomer Reviews + Info
Arrow Sheridan
Arrow Sheridan 10 ft x 14 ft. white and green color. Doors open and fits a lot of outdoor furniture.
7' 3'' H x 10' W x 14' 140 square feetmade of galvanized steel;
double door sliding door;
floor not included
852 Cubic FeetCustomer Reviews + Info
Arrow Woodlake
Arrow Woodlake 10ft x 8ft.  Good looking metal shed with a wooden look.
6' H x 10' W x 8' D80 square feetwood grain finish;
galvanized steel
413 cubic feetCustomer Reviews + Info
Globel metal shed 9ft by 7ft. Made of galvanized steel.
6' 7 17/32'' H x 9' 8 1/8'' W x 7' 9 5/16'' D75.26 square feetgable shed;
galvanized steel;
modern color combinations
498 Cubic FeetCustomer Reviews + Info



Notice: this is a newly edited version (2017).  And unfortunately some of the storage sheds featured below are no longer available at Wayfair.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed 6405

This particular plastic shed by Lifetime has always been one of the best-selling of its kind. Made in the USA,  this storage shed that looks like a house and has skylights, windows and screen vents.

Made of Double-Wall Polyethylene Plastic and reinforced with steel, this shed is durably made.

This is available in five different sizes. Another cool feature is the tall doors which are padlock compatible.

If you look around, you will most likely find this storage shed transformed into different structures such as a playhouse, a den or a crafts room. It is that big to fit many things in it. Truly good value for money.
Read Customer Reviews Click Here

  • Aseembly required feature
  • Look at the ease of assembly and add that into the cost
  • plastic usually have floor included. You will need foundation


Vinyl Storage Shed

Here’s another shed that costs under $1000. It is made of vinyl and sized 8′ x 8′.  It’s big enough as a lawn mower shed. It also has a wide door for any big equipment you may have to put inside for storage.

If you’re looking for a durable outdoor shed that does its job well, have a look at this one. This has been tested to withstand over 900 lbs of snow on its roof and can hold up to 115 mph winds.

It’s not only affordable it’s also made to last for many years.

DuraMate Vinyl Storage Shed

DuraMate Vinyl Storage Shed

Large Vertical Outdoor Storage

A great way to conserve space is by using a vertical outdoor storage. You won’t be able to store your lawnmowers here but you will be able to store many other tools with its clever use of space.

These are great for use as a tool shed and should be big for storing many different tools that may be cluttering your yard.

The Lifescapes Highboy Plastic shed has doors that open wide and two main sections. the right part of the shed has four deep shelves while the left part has no shelves on it which makes it a great storage area for longer things like rakes, spades, cleaning brushes and the like.

It is made in the USA and is made of plastic and stainless steel

Step2 LifeScapes Highboy Plastic Tool Shed

Step2 LifeScapes Highboy Plastic Tool Shed

Wood Lean To Shed

I did mention that you may have to forget to buy wooden sheds if you want a storage shed under 1000. But here’s one exception. If you don’t need a very big outdoor storage, there are many lean-to sheds that are perfect for your budget.

They’re not very big but they are perfect for storing gardening materials, garbage bins, and other small tools.

The one below has two shelves on one side but a bigger space on the other side which do not have shelving at all.

These can be painted – a great choice if you want the color to fit the current color of your house.

Garden Chalet Wood Lean-To Shed

Garden Chalet Wood Lean-To Shed

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