6 Foot Wide Storage Sheds That Make Your Garden Look Cool!

If you have space for a 6 foot wide storage shed (for smaller 5 foot wide shed, read this), then you now have a few more options to consider.

Apart from vertical storage and lean to sheds, your options can now very possibly include among others a garden shedsthat look like a house.

So, let’s start with house-like sheds.

Duramax StoreMate Vinyl Storage Shed

What I like most about this Duramax storage shed are its wide double doors. The doors width spans 5-foot wide giving you a lot of space to store some of the bigger outdoor items.

This is also constructed durably and is tested to stand winds of up to 100 mph. The walls are made of fire retardant vinyl resin and with galvanized steel beams for support. Duramax stands behind the strength, quality and durability of this product that it even has a 15 year warranty, which is one of the longest in the industry.

Dimensions: Width: 6 ft. | Depth: 6ft.

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StoreMate Vinyl Storage Shed

StoreMate Vinyl Storage Shed

Leisure Season Wood Lean-To Shed

If sheds with shelves are important to you, then you might just love this shed. Made from solid cypress tree, this is attractive on the outside and very functional on the inside. They’ve designed this so well with enough space for many outdoor equipment.

This has four shelves attached to the left and right walls, so you are left with one big space in the middle where the door opens for your other bigger items.

Two big double doors make it very easy to access as well. One of the bestselling storage shed that’s 6 feet wide.

Dimension: Width: 6.25 ft | Depth: 3.08 ft | Height: 6.1 ft

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Wood Lean-To Shed

Wood Lean-To Shed

Maximizer Wood Storage Shed

Outdoor Living Today is one of the shed makers to check out if you want some cool looking designs for your sheds.

This Maximizer wood storage shed with a footprint of 70″ W x 75″ D is well worth looking at. It’s not cheap compared to the other sheds on this page but it looks very nice, is durable and has a lot of storage space.

This is much like having a little log cabin in your backyard. If you want extra accessories, you can also opt to buy ramps or shed shelf. This is great for storing big items like a sit on lawn mower.

Dimensions: Width: 6ft | Depth: 6ft

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Maximizer Wood Storage Shed

Maximizer Wood Storage Shed

Plastic Portable Shed: Flowerhouse

This one’s for you if you want a portable storage shed. It’s an easy one to put up and can be easily taken down as well.

So if you don’t want anything permanent, you might want to have a look at this.

This isn’t made of plastic but it’s sturdy and can stand different kinds of weather.

A popular shed that’s very reasonably priced.

Dimensions: Width: 6′ | Depth: 7’5″ | Height: 8′

StorageHouse 6 Ft. W x 7 Ft. D Plastic Portable Shed – $175.99

Retail Price: $315.00
You Save: $139.01
from: Wayfair

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